This girl needs a vacation from life.

Many months before I got my diagnosis I had planned a romantic getaway for my husband and I to Costa Rica. We are not really resort kind of people so we chose to go to the less developed part of the country on the Caribbean coast, staying at a treehouse that I found through Airbnb.Continue reading “This girl needs a vacation from life.”

Johns Hopkins (Baltimore)

This was the last visit for opinions. We have already visited the 10th ranked hospital in the country (Cleveland Clinic) and the 4th (NY Presbyterian) and today was reserved for the best in the country. Saving the best for last! We met with Dr. L who is a neurosurgeon and happens to be running aContinue reading “Johns Hopkins (Baltimore)”

The Art of Racing in the Rain

Last night I took a wonderfully relaxing restorative yoga class, complete with candles and chanting music, it was lovely. When I arrived home my very adoring husband met me in the driveway and said “Come on let’s go to the movie store and get a rom/com”. Huh? A rom/com? Really? “Yes, you like those”, heContinue reading “The Art of Racing in the Rain”