Not Everyone Lives On Their Birth Day

*TRIGGER WARNING* This blog talks about baby death, and violent acts committed against a baby. Also, this post was written on October 5th of 2021 but because of technical difficulties it was never published until today. Do you know where you were last year on October 5th? That happens to be my birthday, so IContinue reading “Not Everyone Lives On Their Birth Day”

A Friend On The Other Side…

I live to garden. It is by far my favorite hobby. I find it utterly satisfing to transform dull and empty spaces into a small oasis for human/animal consumption. That consumption can be in the form of sensory experiences through sight, smell and touch or in the form of literal feeding, herbs for the humansContinue reading “A Friend On The Other Side…”

This girl needs a vacation from life.

Many months before I got my diagnosis I had planned a romantic getaway for my husband and I to Costa Rica. We are not really resort kind of people so we chose to go to the less developed part of the country on the Caribbean coast, staying at a treehouse that I found through Airbnb.Continue reading “This girl needs a vacation from life.”