Pick a Tumor, Any Tumor…

Today was the first visit with a neuro-oncologist. Another doctor, another opinion on what kind of tumor it is. Today’s vocabulary lesson was the word astrocytoma. A quick internet search and I’m now more confused than ever. https://abta.org/tumor_types/astrocytoma/ So basically subependymomas are a type of ependymoma. Astrocytomas are a type of glioma. All of theseContinue reading “Pick a Tumor, Any Tumor…”

Down with New Year Resolutions

I have never liked New Years. In the beginning my dislike stemmed from a place of disappointment. I was a soap opera watching tween/teen and when I attended parties on New Years it was never like it was portrayed on television. No one was dressed as fancy, the ambiance was dull, it just never metContinue reading “Down with New Year Resolutions”